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This is your stop for a variety of news relative to The Metropolitan Society. We’ve created an easier directory so you can get up to date on club news, find out when our Club is in the news, and, in an age of increasing hostility toward those who smoke, news about activities relative to smoker’s rights.

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We've gone end-to-end and renovated, redecorated and improved the 'best cigar club in the world.' Come on down and experience the comfortable, rich leather chairs, the tasteful colors and bright clean lighting. Of course, we still maintain all of the other great amenities, which include end-to-end WiFi and televisions in our three main rooms. If you haven't been to the club since the latter part of August, you haven't seen the new look. You've just got to come down.


If you're new to our club, our dinners are held the first Wednesday of every month, unless we find ourselves too closely bumping up against a holiday. Our dinners feature a cigar at the door as you check in, cigars from the 'Cigar Stars' who appear at our famous monthly dinners and a great full-course dinner, courtesy of the famous Brownstone restuarant. For October, it's our longtime friends from JR Cigar visiting. JR features different cigars with each visit and also runs fantastic 'event specials' right here at the club. It's a traditional October when JR is in the house. Please join us for the fun. Members are $60 and guests are $70.
On October 22, it's 'Have Pig Will Travel,' coming back to The Metro and doing our last pig roast, on-site, a slow-cooked feast, extending some 7 hours and culminating in a great dinner. We'll also have LH Cigars on hand, as an additional bonus. Please join us for some great food, wonderful, traditional Cuban sides and cigars. Members and guests are $60.
Perdomo Cigars are back for November. Our friends at Perdomo feature almost too many brands to mention, including The Anniversaries, 12 Year Vintage, Habano, Edicion De Silvio, The Grand Cru, the Lot 23 and the list goes on. When it's November, it's Perdomo at The Metro! Members are $60 and guests are $70.
Our December Holiday Gala is an absolute must! At our Holiday Gala, you'll get an additional cigar at the door and, as is our tradition, it's General Cigar, maker of Partagas, Macanudo, La Gloria Cubana, CAO, Punch, Bolivar, Don Tomas, Plasencia and more! General is a giant in the industry and a great, longtime friend of The Metro -- and they do our dinners in a big way! Then, we will have an expanded menu selection, including carving station and, as has been our tradition as a supporter of our military heroes, we host a table of Marines, to say 'thank you' for their service in our own small way. The December Holiday Gala will sell out and we will NOT be able to admit more than our fire codes allow. So, please RSVP early to reserve your spot and join us.


Our newly expanded network of private cigar clubs is now up on our website for your reference. As you may know, your membership at The Metropolitan Society means you have membership privileges in prestigious clubs around the country, from San Francisco, to Austin to Charlotte to Jacksonville to Scottsdale. Simply go to our Affiliates “Affiliates” page or click below to take a tour of some very prestigious cigar addresses. And, that roster will only grow larger in the months ahead! We look forward to seeing you soon at The Metro -- or maybe one of more than 15 clubs around the nation. It’s no surprise that we’ve been called the "Best Cigar Club in the World!" And, effective with our September 2015, the Lehigh Valley Cigar Club will be part of the network. We're happy that they're joining the network. Here's their website:


If you’re on Facebook, search The Metropolitan Society and become a “fan” of the club. You’ll tell the world that you love the Metro and you’ll see frequent news and updates on Metro activities. "Friend" us on Facebook!
Pictures from our monthly dinners are posted on our Facebook site, too. So, if you're interested in taking a look back at those dinners, you'll find them right there!


Another great feature we’re providing to you is the ability to let your fellow members know what you do, if you so choose. So, if you’re a member and may want to use a service from a fellow member, as compared with someone you don’t know, you’ll be able to view a roster of our people and the businesses they are in as part of the “Private Entrance” on our website.

In order for you to participate, you’ll need to login and fill in the spaces provided for your Industry and Business Type on the page that says The Metropolitan Society User System under “My Info.” Use the login info you receive in our emails to you.

We will soon have all individual member information feed into a main list of members for all TMS members to view by simply entering the site’s “Private Entrance.”

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