The Metropolitan Society

Private Entrance

Membership Information

The Metropolitan Society offers three types of memberships, tailored to meeting the different types of members who may visit our facilities. You can become an Associate Member of The Metropolitan Society for $375.00 annually and just $75 for your own personal locker. Membership privileges in the club include 24 hour, seven day a week access to the club, 13″h x 13″w x 22″d personal locker with key in our walk-in humidor and member rates to all of the club’s annual events and activities.

Membership is available to those who are referred to us by existing members. If you would like more information on membership in The Metropolitan Society, you can E-mail us or call 973-287-6078 to learn more.

Because it was our goal to make the club as affordable as possible and do not sell members liquor or tobacco, we have a nominal use fee of $5.00 per visit for a minimum of five visits a month or $25.00 (effective April 1, 2009). More than five visits are $5.00 per entry for a maximum not to exceed $50.00 per month, or the equivalent of ten visits. Members are not charged for visits exceeding ten in a month. So, if you come in every day in a month, it still can’t be more than $50.00

Don’t want to worry about the number of visits and would prefer a fixed regular monthly charge? Then you can take advantage of our premium unlimited membership under which you pay just $75 a month with a one year membership contract.

Or you can save more by prepaying $850 for one year and you’ll get a membership and unlimited entries for an entire year! Lockers are separate.

The Metropolitan Society offers two additional memberships for those who live outside of a radius of the club and to those serving in our armed services. A Travelers Membership is designed for members who live 75 miles or more from the club and a Military Membership is available for active duty members of our armed forces. Both memberships are only $100 annually. Your membership also entitles you to rent a locker, depending upon locker availability. There is a $10.00 daily use charge and no monthly minimum.

By applying for membership in The Metropolitan Society LLC, you agree to pay any annual membership fees as soon as you are notified that your application has been accepted. You agree to provide us with current credit card information for monthly billing.

You also agree to abide by all rules set forth by the Board of Directors and contained in the Operating Agreement and house rules of the Society.

Your application will be reviewed by our membership committee and you will be contacted as soon as that is completed.